Sopra Banking vs Secure Paymentz – Banking Software Prices

WHO WE ARE by Sopra Banking: It all starts with why

We’ve supported financial institutions since 1968, and in that time, they have been constantly changing. In 2012, we decided to consolidate all our expertise and experience under one brand – Sopra Banking Software. A separate subsidiary with an autonomous and ambitious project, and with openness threaded into its DNA.

Since Sopra Banking’s inception, we’ve increased our revenue from 171 million euros to nearly half a billion. We went from being a largely French provider to a global one. And we expanded our services to include cloud technology and an open banking platform.

More than ever, I believe in the importance of Sopra Banking Software’s mission. Together, we have a crucial role in ensuring that financial institutions keep their customers’ trust and confidence. We help to make finance accessible to as many people as possible and thus build a better future.

Why is Secure Paymentz the best?

The good thing about Secure Paymentz Banking Software is that the system is 100% White-Labeled, and can be installed on your server without any encryption, which gives the freedom to be able to customize the system however you’d like. Another interesting thing is that Secure Paymentz offers three different plans that can help you get started with your banking project, or update the system that you already have, into a more advanced system.

What plans do Secure Paymentz offer?

The Advanced Plan is only for Banking Software Professionals. For example, with the plan you can connect your Banking Network with the system, as well as connect VISA / Master Card Debit Cards, like a real bank. Another benefit of having this system is that it is very secure and allows the control of all your clients information, as well as have everything secured on your server.

The Business Plan has a great benefit, which is offering Mobile Banking and connecting Merchant Accounts, so that your clients can load money via credit cards, Bitcoins etc.

The Basic Plan is only the Source Code, and comes with basic and manual options. The system is not automatic, but is very helpful for small banks or finances who are looking to start running their business.

¿What other benefits does Secure Paymentz offer?

Another benefit is that they system is very adaptable, and if you have more than 1000 users, the system can adapt and update with your needs and demands. This could save you thousands of dollars since some systems have an additional $10 charge per user, but Secure Paymentz allows you unlimited users, at no additional cost.

We recommend you visit the website  for more information, and to get your Banking Software.

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