Top Softwares

In this section you’ll find the best banking softwares for this 2022

Top 1 – Secure Paymentz
Many clients use this Secure Paymentz banking software like a mini-bank for financial institutions, Forex, Bitcoins, schools, supermarkets, taxes, or to be able to connect magnetic cards so that a user can use them in different businesses and verify the purchase with a bank system.

Top 2 – NexorONE
NexorONE – with its robust scalability and diversity of modules it serves a broad variety of financial entities such as: Online and Private Banks, Credit Unions, eWallets and Trusts & Asset Management Companies. NexorONE has already been deployed to more than 300 financial entities worldwide, spread throughout 40 countries and in 16 languages. Features include a customizable responsive interface, user groups and admin roles, compliance rules (KYC, AML, etc.), API’s and continuous updates.

Top 3 – Ebanq
EBANQ is the most user friendly white-label online banking software app on the market. It is a turn-key solution for Banks, Neobanks, Electronic Money Institutions, Payment Institutions, Remittance Companies, Asset Managers, Cryptocurrency Exchanges and anyone else managing client accounts. Mobile apps available for Android and iOS. We can have your own online banking platform online in 24 hours!

Top 4 – Temenos Transact
Temenos Transact is the most complete core banking product leveraging the most advanced cloud-native banking technology. Temenos Transact takes the deep and extensive banking capabilities of Temenos Core Banking, the worlds #1 core banking product which for 25 years has been supporting over 700 banks across all banking segments, and re-platforms them onto a new, cloud-native and cloud-agnostic platform.

Top 5 – Sopra Banking
Our component-based and cloud banking platform provides the broadest range of capabilities. Whether large or small, local or global, pick the components from our wide catalog.

Top 6 – SDK.Finance
Core banking (centralized online real-time exchange) is a banking service provided by a group of networked bank branches where customers may access their bank account and perform basic transactions from any of the member branch offices.